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EPA and sanitization information to help you!

Posted by AARON ROOT on

With the current COVID-19 pandemic many contractors are interested in offering sanitizing services and rightly so. This is a huge, nationwide, problem that can only be addressed by killing this virus and stopping the spread. There are many commercially available products that will easily sanitize most surfaces we usually clean like our Q-64 hospital grade disinfectant(available here), but did you know you are supposed to be a licensed pesticide applicator to apply this solution commercially to sanitize? Many people in the restoration world make this license seem like something hard to obtain or exclusive but in many states it is...

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Pressure City Trusted Contractors List

Posted by Ryan Diederich on

This is a list of pressure washing companies that have made it to the trusted contractor status from Pressure City. Not only does Pressure City provide the best pressure washing equipment in the industry but we also offer training, education, and systems to make sure contractors are providing the best service possible! 1) United Pro Wash Sedalia, Missouri Pressure Washing Company: 573-873-4326 www.unitedprowash.com 2) SETX Pro Wash Lumberton, Texas Pressure Washing Company: 409-923-0877 www.SETXprowash.com 3) Ultimate Pressure Cleaning Fort Wayne, Indiana Pressure Washing Company:  www.ultimatepressurewashing.com

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