3/8" Ballvalve and swivel combo kit

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3/8" Ball valve and swivel combo kit


DN10 ball valve, stainless steel MTM swivel or Mosmatic stainless with stainless steel quick connects male/female coupler and plug. 

  • Prevents hose from tangling
  • Allows user to quickly switch attachments
  • Durable construction for long life
  • Includes the DN10 Ball valve - The REAL DN10 valve everyone uses
  • Choice of Italian made MTM swivel or Mosmatic Swivel


MTM Stainless Steel Swivel Description

MTM Hydro's Live 3/8" Stainless AG Swivel is a Premium Italian manufactured swivel. 'Live' refers to how this accessory will swivel while under pressure. The ability to do so is great when you are cleaning at distances greater than 25' and you need to spin the hose without rotating the entire gun assembly. The Live feature also allows you to uncoil your hose while under pressure and cleaning at the same time. With Higher GPM and PSI ratings, this Swivel was developed with professional contract cleaners in mind.


  • 3/8" Female BSP Inlet X 3/8" Male BSP Outlet
  • 320°F Temp Rating