Tip Gripper Nozzle Holder

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Tip Gripper Nozzle Holder

It's NOT just the tip! 


Say goodbye to lost nozzles and hello to your new best friend! The Tip Gripper is available in many different colors and sizes to suit all needs and will become your must have accessory replacing your JROD! 

Why pick the Tip Gripper over a JROD? It's SIMPLE!

  1. No more rust
  2. No more cracked welds
  3. Textured surface is easy to grip with wet or soapy hands
  4. Chemical resistant
  5. Bright colors are easy to spot when dropped
  6. Can easily be color coded for softwash, high pressure, downstream, etc

All these benefits AT A LOWER PRICE than a regular JROD!

What are you waiting for?! Choose your color today! Buy it buy itself, as a kit with nozzles for your system, or a kit with our LONE RANGER long range nozzle!

You can find the Tip Gripper install instructions at the link below!

Install Instructions




*Not for use with hot water units at this time.