Hybrid Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber 50/50 Viper poles.

Sale price $425.14 Regular price $472.38

Viper high quality Waterfed Poles are available in sizes ranging from 18 ft. to 65 ft.  Constructed of the highest quality and performing Hybrid, 100 % Full Carbon Fiber and 100 % Hi Mod Carbon Fiber materials.  All poles are equipped with a 10-inch 100 % Carbon Fiber angled fixed goose-neck and high quality, easy to change,  locking clamp mechanisms with aluminum levers.  These clamp systems are a great combination of lightness and strength.  All Viper Waterfed Poles are equipped with a 12-inch dual trim nylon brush with both pencil and fan jets equipped and 1/4" high quality, 300 psi waterfed pole hose with a female garden hose (FGH) for connection to  purification system or tank.  Viper Waterfed Poles are the strongest and most rigid poles available.