How to choose the right pressure washer for starting a new pressure washing business

How to choose the right pressure washer for starting a new pressure washing business



How to choose the right equipment for your new pressure washing business!

Choosing the right equipment for a new pressure washing business can be overwhelming! So many choices, brands, types, vendors, sizes, and more to choose from. Options are great if you know what will suit you best, that's what we will cover here!

How will you use this equipment?

What are your goals when using this equipment? Are you a homeowner just looking for the best pressure washer or are you starting a pressure washing business?

For either of these choices you will want something versatile and can handle many types of jobs while still not being complicated to use. 

What pressure washer will fit most jobs best?

For the new business owner you will want a gas powered pressure washer. Most electric pressure washers will either be too small and not durable enough to start a business with or will require large 220V power cords to operate. Gas engine powered pressure washers are much more simple to use, transport, and are much more safe.

Best size pressure washer for a new business?

Many customers believe that pressure (PSI) is the most important specification in cleaning ability but this is not the case. Flow (GPM) is the leading factor that sets speed! High pressures can not only damage surfaces but are slower in use than higher flow machines with lesser PSI. We recommend picking a pressure washer with a flow rate of 3-5 GPM for a new business. This allows you to simply connect to an outside garden hose, start your pressure washer, and begin work.

Where should I purchase my new pressure washing equipment?

There are multiple options on where you should get your equipment. Many customers find pressure washers at local hardware stores or big box stores, is this acceptable? 

While these machines may work we don't recommend them because the likelihood of experiencing issues and failures is higher than when purchasing from a reputable dealer such as Pressure City. 

All commercial or industrial machines we sell have been hand assembled and tested prior to leaving the factory. This extra time and attention to detail means your new pressure washer will start as soon as it arrives, that sets these machines apart from larger brands that are built overseas and shipped here for distribution. 

On top of this added quality assurance, the machines sold at dealers like us are usually more reliable and designed for longer term or heavier use than mass marketed and produced pressure washers. 

When starting a business we recommend getting the best equipment you can afford, breakdowns or overusing equipment is not fun when trying to focus on starting and growing a new pressure washing business.

Our picks for the best starter equipment

To start a business we would advise a 4GPM direct drive pressure washer at minimum powered by a 13HP or larger gasoline engine. These are available from many manufacturers and most all will be fine. One caveat, we would recommend picking a pressure washer with a bolt on unloader, not an unloader which is built into the pump head. Bolt on unloaders are usually a sign of higher quality and better pump durability.

Need more help choosing the right equipment? 

Our trained staff is there to assist you! We have many options available to suit all needs for the pressure washing industry. You can reach us by chat in the bottom right of the screen or via the Contact us page.

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