About us

Built with the goal of being the best pressure washing store online, Pressure City was founded in 2017.

Owned by Aaron Root, an industry veteran and owner of a previous pressure washing company, Pressure City is a family owned and operated business that also enjoys supporting other small family businesses!


Let's rewind back to the beginning though...

After working in the pressure washing industry as business owners and starting and operating an industry Facebook group page, The Pressure Washing Mafia, my good friend Ryan and myself started Pressure City to fix some of the shortcomings we saw when ordering equipment for our own businesses. 

Then in 2020, I purchased full control of Pressure City and started the task of expanding stock levels, designing new products, and importing our own product lines from overseas. 

Since that time we have experienced steady growth and expansion and are excited to have a brand new location opening in early 2023!


What's next for us here?

Our goal has always been to provide you better service and pricing than our competition and make sure your orders arrive fast and most importantly, in great condition.

2022 has been an amazing year, We have met so many new customers and made so many new lifelong friends. 2023 will be even better. With investments in larger scale 3D printing and other design and manufacturing tools plus the construction of a brand new facility to house our shipping and receiving operations, we will see amazing improvements in the coming months!


At the end I would just like to offer a quick thanks to all of our present and future customers. Life is always better with a good team supporting you and my customers are my awesome team, you guys rock! Myself and my family are grateful you have continued to pick us over the past few years, as we look into the future we hope we can still be there to support your needs!


Thank you for the opportunity to work together, 

Aaron Root


Pressure City