The best pressure washing equipment for starting a new business on a budget!

The best pressure washing equipment for starting a new business on a budget!




Are you looking for the best equipment to start your new pressure washing business on a budget? 

If any of the below listed things sound appealing to you, maybe you should be!

  • Low initial start up cost (as LOW as $599!)
  • High profit margins
  • Bring in up to $4000 a day by yourself!
  • Build a future with great value for yourself

If any of that sounds appealing to you then starting a pressure washing business might be a great option for you! Now don't get me wrong. There is a lot to owning and operating a business but not many other businesses are as easy to start with such low investment and can be started and ran on days off and in your spare time. 


"I can't start my business yet, I just don't have enough money"

We hear all the time "but to get started you need a minimum of 8GPM and heat, large surface cleaners, and new trucks. In reality most of those guys did not start this business with those things. If they did, they brought money from another success to fund it.

Are these mentioned things great? YES and if you have the capital then you really should invest in the best equipment you can afford but this post isn't for you guys. This is to show that just because things can make you faster and more efficient, they are not needed to start your business.

So what minimum equipment can you really get by with?

A pressure washing business is a bit misleading by name. The goal is to clean with as little pressure as possible while still doing the job. Many cases you could start with as little as a pump up lawn sprayer, some bleach, soap, and a garden hose to rinse your solution off. 

That method will be fairly slow and that makes it expensive. Enter a soft wash kit like the one shown here.

This kit will allow you to clean roofs, siding, driveways, decks and more. You will be able to properly clean surfaces like asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, metal, wood, brick, stone, stucco, clay tile, and many more surfaces. 

At only $599 with free shipping, this is probably the cheapest business you could start!

This gets you everything you need, minus a battery, to assemble your own kit and start cleaning immediately. Then your only limit is the amount of work you are willing to give your new business!

Check out some other great items to get started in the cleaning and pressure washing business on a budget below:

The 7GPM DIY softwash kit

This kit works great for those with a little more in their budget. Get a little extra range and flow for faster working but be mindful, this comes at additional chemical usage.

The 5GPM GATOR is the completed version of the above kit with all the bells and whistles! Complete with onboard charging, voltage gauge, heavy duty relay, and more all stored in a reinforced, water resistant box!

The 7GPM GATOR is the big brother to the 5GPM. This bad boy flows 2GPM, has 5/8" hose, and reaches up to 45'.

These options should provide you a great and very versatile starting point to build your new business! Don't let a recession kill your job, become your own boss today so your job security is only dependent on your performance, not that of others!


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