Current COVID19 Product Delay Information

This page will be updated with products experiencing shortages, delays, and other issues due to COVID19 relating to our industry and products.

During this uncertain time we appreciate your continued support and patience. We, like all other vendors in our industry, are experiencing delays from certain manufacturers on products relating to our industry. These delays range from short term delays of a few days to multiple weeks. Some policies and processes have changed due to the supply issues and how we must now place orders. We are doing everything in our power to limit delays, provide steady communication, and source products in multiple locations to best serve our customers while keeping our prices low.

With the strange times we are currently experiencing combined with the forced shutdowns of many US and Chinese factories earlier this year stock levels are being depleted and demand on some items are exceeding the production capabilities of the manufacturers. We try to keep a very close eye on these items and look ahead to limit the effects our customers feel. We hope production will increase and stock will be able to rise back to normal levels soon so all vendors are better able to assist our customers.

Products below have been identified to be delayed or in short supply so could be potentially delayed

  1. Madmax Pressure Washers: The delay on these may range based on demand. MadMax has predicted up to 3 weeks. Some products used in the build of these have been in short supply which has caused delays. Due to high demand and lower than average stock levels they are not allowing vendor stock orders so all machines must ship direct from MadMax. 
  2. Pressure Pro: As with other machine manufacturers, these may be delayed due to high demand and lower than normal stock levels. 
  3. Spraying System Nozzles: We have many of these on backorder and have been shipping most orders within 1-2 additional business days of normal. We will continue to work to build stock in these to prevent future slow downs.
  4. Custom made items such as the GATOR and THE INFUSER: Certain items used in the production of these have been limited as they are usually received from companies which have been on limited staffing and lower than average production. Please estimate 5-7 additional business days for the INFUSER and 7-10 for the GATOR. Many orders are shipping sooner than that. These are usually worst case scenarios.
  5. Item substitutions: We try very hard to make sure all items are exact to a picture, in certain cases we may need to make substitutions due to stock or availability. If this changes the cost or functionality of the item we will notify the customer first. If the item will perform the same but may look differently we reserve the right to make these substitutions including upgrading items at no charge to the customer.
  6. Certain trigger guns: Some guns are experiencing short delays, usually no more than 1-2 additional business days beyond average handling times.
  7. Shipping carriers: UPS, FedEx, and USPS are currently operating with some delays. USPS is no longer guaranteeing delivery dates. Other similar issues may occur, while we understand these delays are troublesome, once we have shipped these items we are unable to change the delivery speed.
  8. General Pump and other surface cleaners:Many GP products including hose reels, surface cleaners, and other brands which manufacture in China are seeing delays which may vary. Usually these items ship within 1-3 business days of average times but this may depend on demand. Containers are constantly being delivered from China, without having the additional stock built up from earlier in the year the demand is staying right with or slightly overtaking the production abilities of the factories.
  9. Cancellations: With these changes we are only able to change or cancel orders within 24 hours, after this time we are unable to update any orders.