What is soft washing?

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning method utilizing a pressure washing unit, high pressure hoses, specific nozzle sizes and a downstream injector kit. When combining the correct equipment this will allow the applicator to apply chemicals in large volume to speed up the cleaning process. PPE is highly recommended including; chemical respirator, chemical resistant gloves and eye protection.

What is downstreaming?

Using a downstream injector and the correct nozzle sizes; downstreaming is the process of adding the chemical into the water after the pump. The chemicals are applied at low pressure. Injecting chemicals with a downstream injector after the pump will prevent any damage to your pressure washing pump and increase longevity.

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What is a Jrod and/or Hurricane Quad Nozzle?

A jrod consist of four ¼” male plugs welded together in which they can hold four different nozzle sizes. The Hurricane Quad nozzle serves the same purpose as the jrod however it is made out of hardened plastic which reduces breaks at the welds and is immune to corrosion(chemical resistant). Both are compatible with downstream injectors with the correct tips and are typically used to downstream.

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What is SH?

In the softwash/pressure washing industry SH typically stands for Sodium Hypochlorite aka bleach. SH(sodium hypochlorite) is used to clean organic growth such as algae. The most commonly used strength of SH(sodium hypochlorite) is between 10%-12.5% . This chemical is diluted with water at different ratios before being applied. DO NOT confuse sodium hypochlorite with sodium hydroxide! Sodium hydroxide is a grease cutting agent which can be found in degreasers. In its raw form it is much more dangerous than sodium hypochlorite.