120V Electronic Ignotors

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  • End Mount base 6" long
  • UL recognized in the US and Canada
  • 20kV peak rating guarantees quick and efficient ignition
  • Small size and lightweight (approx 1.1 lbs.)
  • A vacuum encapsulation process using a synthetic resin provides resistance to moisture and excellent heat dissipation and electrical insulation
  • Case material is a high temperature thermoplastic that provides high impact strength and scratch resistance and is impenetrable to most chemicals
  • Case design has "breakout" sections at the rear and side for lead wire exit and a hood to neatly cover and protect these wires where required.


  • Input: A 120 vac, 60 Hz, 35VA
  • Output voltage: 6kV RMS, 20kV peak
  • Output Current: 35mA RMS
  • Secondary mid-point ground ambient operating temperature: : -20A degrees to 150A degrees F.
  • Storage temperature: -40A degrees to 150A degrees F.