Allanson Omni Ignitor

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Have the proper ignitor in stock at all times!

Omni Ignitor is designed to be mounted to all existing manufacturers mounting plates. There is no need to carry various mounting plates into your service calls, simply take an omni ignitor and it will mount to the existing mounting plate.


  • History of excellent operation under brownout conditions
  • Runs cooler, quieter and safer on all types of burners
  • Meets American and European noise emission standards offering superior EMI and RFI protection
  • Open circuit voltage does not not drop off under lower than normal operating primary voltage conditions
  • Low operating temperature
  • Extended life expectancy & energy efficient
  • CSA & UL

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

  • Input Supply voltage (V): 12Vdc
  • Input Current (A): 2.5
  • Secondary Voltage (kV peak): 20.0
  • Secondary Frequency (kHz): >18
  • Secondary Short Circuit Current (mA): 20
  • Storage Temperature (degrees C): -40 to +80
  • Operating Temperature (degrees C): -30 to +65
  • Operating Relative Humidity (%): 90
  • Loading Air Gap (inches) 1/6-3/16