Dirt Grabber Bucket Grit Guard

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Dirt Grabber Bucket Grit Guard

Keep dirt and grime away from your wash mitt and scratches off your paint!

The Dirt Grabber Grit Guard is perfect for the pro auto detailer and the DIY guy alike!

Have you ever thought about what happens to the dirt on your wash mitt while washing your car? As you drop your mitt into your bucket to clean it the dirt is released and sand and other fine particles settle to the bottom of your wash bucket. When you drop the mitt to the bottom it picks these particles back up which you then rub against your car, unknowingly leaving scratches and swirl marks. End that cycle today with our Dirt Grabber!


  • Keeps your mitt elevated in the bucket
  • Allows dirt, sand, and grime to settle to bottom of wash bucket undisturbed
  • Available in 2 sizes, small to fit normal car wash buckets and large to fit 5 gallon buckets. Small is in blue, large in red to prevent confusion.

This pairs great with our SUPER FOAM SCRUBBER wash mitt listed below!