MTM Hi-Draw fixed downstream injector

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MTM Hydro's Fixed Chemical injectors were developed for use in a downstream chemical injection system. Downstream refers to 'after the pump and unloader' where the injector operates through the use of the Venturi effect. When the low pressure side of a dual lance is opened, the chemical injector's orifice is, then, the point of restriction which immediately creates a vacuum and begins drawing chemical. All MTM Hydro chem injectors have a maximum chemical draw of 20% of the flow through the injector, although with various points of restriction through an average system, actual flow is estimated at 12%-18%.

Size your Chem Injector by the GPM restriction and be sure to note whether you are looking for a specific version.

Standard Chemical Injectors are fixed which means they are not adjustable to increase or decrease the flow of chemical and have a Stainless Ball, Seat, and Spring for corrosion resistance.

Acid Chem Injectors look the same although they boast an enhanced corrosion resistance due to the inclusion of a Ceramic ball and Inconel Stainless Steel seat.

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  • Maximum pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Maximum temperature: 300F.
  • 2.7 to 10 GPM flow rate