Steel Eagle Fury 2400 Compact Vacuum Unit

Regular price $8,399.00

Compact vacuum systems capable of fluid recovery with one or two clean and capture tools up to 300 feet.

Clean your surface with a 16" or 24" surface cleaner or pressure washer and remove date water and debris to the Fury 2400 CVU in one operation. The primary tank captures the wastewater and filters our rocks, sediment, etc. The dirty water is filtered so it can be removed through the sump pump to your approved discharge area.

The sump pump is operated on 120v (draws 9 amps) and needs to be attached to a generator or plugged into an electrical socket.

This unit is capable of operating two 16" surface cleaners as long as a second pressure washer is used.




  • 2400 CVU vacuum unit with 16 HP Vanguard engine with electric start
  • Tuthill 4005 blower, rated at 355 CFM
  • Primary separation tank with sump pump
  • 16" clean and capture tool with talon 4 swivel
  • Two 100 foot vacuum hoses with cam lever couplings