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Suttner ST-64 Upstream injector

Suttner ST-64 Upstream injector

Suttner ST-64 Upstream injector

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High-pressure injection. If you like the way soap is applied at self serve car washes, this accessory is for you. It allows your pressure washer to apply soap the same way. The ST-64 injector is designed to introduce detergents into the water system upstream from the pump for high-pressure application. An adjustment screw sets the orifice to the flow of your pump. The "on-off" plunger is then used to control the injection.

When using this injector, the operator should consider the types of chemicals used. Pump damage can occur if acids or other harsh chemicals are used. Easy to install, use, and maintain.


Maximum Pressure: 140 PSI. Maximum Temperature: 160 degrees F.


  1. Connect the water supply hose to the female inlet on the injector.
  2. Connect the male threads of the injector to the garden swivel fitting on the pressure washer.
  3. With the plunger in the "off" position, turn on the water supply and operate the pressure according to its operations manual.
  4. Turn the plunger to line the notch up with the shoulder bolt. Press the plunger down and turn it clockwise to lock "on."
  5. With the pressure washer operating, the trigger gun open, and the chemical line submerged use an 1/8" hex wrench to adjust the screw down until chemical is being siphoned. Caution: Do not over adjust the screw to a point of pump cavitation. Keep siphon hose submerged to prevent air intake.
  6. When not using chemical, turn the plunger line to the notch up with the shoulder bolt. Pull the plunger up to the "off" position. If desired, turn the plunger to lock off.

NOTE: Usually after the initial setting, the injector will not need additional adjustment, however, different elevations or inlet water pressures may require a different setting. Simply repeat step #5 as needed, adjusting the screw down or up for proper setting.

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