Suttner ST261 Unloader Valve

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Suttner ST261 Unloader Valve

The Suttner ST261 Unloader valve is a great choice for most machines under 8GPM. This unloader can be panel mounted. Unloader valves are used for adjusting or setting the pressure on your pressure washer to prevent damage to your pump or surfaces you may be cleaning. This unloader is available in 3 variations, the standard ST261, the ST261 with built in chemical injector, and the ST261 with tamperproof pressure adjustment. This tamperproof adjustment is great for rental machines or machines which are used by multiple users that do not need the pressure adjusted.



  • 8GPM Maximum
  • 176° Maximum
  • 3625PSI Maximum
  • 3/8" FPT inlet/outlet
  • 1/4" FPT bypass



  • Working components constructed of high-grade stainless steel.
  • PTFE and Viton seals for maximum heat and chemical resistance.
  • Straight flow-through design minimizes pressure loss through valve.
  • Adjustable valve allows limit setting on both maximum and minimum pressures.
  • Internal bypass valve can be easily accessed and repaired without removing unloader from unit.